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"One of the most innovative products I've found for getting clean."

Save Time: Get cleaner, faster with our scrubs that stream out hot water.

Save Water: Use less than 1 gallon without sacrificing your shower ritual.

Feel Amazing: Long, hot showers that energize & relax better than your shower head.

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Introducing Three Collections

Outdoor Solutions

Wash your family, gear, or dog with this compact, portable system. Take a hot shower wherever you wander.

Requires less than 1 GAL

15 min. of wash time

Ready in just 5 min

AT-home Solutions

Enjoy a spa-like experience at home with our aromatherapy shower that infuses essential oils with water streaming out of the EcoScrub.

Save money on your water bills

Soothing aromatherapy

Install in minutes

events & services

Need a shower trailer at your event? Our VIP service provides the best experience in the market!

No water connection needed

No generator required

All-In-One Service

Clean it All With 0.8 GAL

We clean off 5 gallons of mud, 5 gallons of sunscreen, & 4 bags of holi powder with 0.8 gal of water.


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Simple to use. We just tried ours for the first time. Everyone needs this. After a hot, sticky, sunscreen-y day outdoors, be sure to enjoy a quick, Refreshing, relaxing, and heavenly. Clean feet... Yes, Please!


This product is a must-have for camp. Great for those cleanups on a hot night before getting in bed.


I have the portable shower without the heater. I love it! I was able to take a hot shower in the woods with only 3 liters of water! I love having the ability to get clean when facilities are not available.


I've actually felt clean without having to figure out a way to carry 5 gallons to shower. This shower will change the way you camp, attend festivals, hunt, or live where you might lose power - you can still be clean with warm water.


I've had the Geyser System now for about 5 months and have had the opportunity to use it several times. The Geyser system is a great solution for getting clean in the backcountry without needing endless supply of water.