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I want to easily switch between the ecosponge and my showerhead.

EcoShower - Full Kit

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I want to replace my showerwand with the ecosponge.

EcoShower - Half Kit

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Upgrade Your Base camp

Enjoy endless hot showers without stressing about running out of water.

Innovative Design

Unbelievable water savings allow you to venture further into the backcountry.

All-In-One Design

Easily integrates with any showerhead or showerwand.

Different Color Scrubs To Keep Basecamp Organized

Green for me and yellow for you.

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Long Hair? No Problem!

Watch the video to get tips on how to shampoo & condition your hair with the Geyser Scrub.

Innovative & Efficient

Use less than 1 GAL for your body and hair.

Change Configurations As Needed

Remove the scrub to spray water directly from the valve.

I bought this for use in my camper van. It's the bomb. I can give myself a total shower in minutes using very little water. I have wondered for years how to effectively shower in such a small space. Geyser Systems solved the missing link. Highly recommend!!!


I've actually felt clean without having to figure out a way to carry 5 gallons to shower. This shower will change the way you camp, attend festivals, hunt, or live where you might lose power - you can still be clean with warm water.


Easy to use, simple design, and very handy around camp. Big fan of using this for dishes! No longer need a wash bin or annoying amount of water.


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