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This solves a big problem for me when camping. Convenient and minimizes my water use, allowing me to get more showers!
- Glenn, REI Customer
Trusted by 300+ Adventurers
Portable Camping Shower

Geyser System

Geyser System

Tired of showers that waste time, water, and energy? 
Experience the portable shower that's easy on your 
consumption and designed for nomadic living
  • Quick Setup: Hot water in less than 5 minutes
  • Save Resources: 3L of water provides 15 minutes of wash time
  • Multi-Use Cleaning: Use it with pets, dishes, and gear
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This solves a big problem for me when camping. Convenient and minimizes my water use, allowing me to get more showers!
- Glenn, REI Customer


- Dimensions: 9.5 in x 6.25 in x 17 in | (0.58ft³)
- Weight: 7.9lbs empty, 14.6lbs full
- Volume: 0.8 Gallons / 3 Liters
- Voltage Req: 12v DC
- Pump Current Req: 2.5-3.1 amps
- Washing Time: 01-15 minutes
- Temp Range For Pump Mode: 35° – 112°F

- Heat Current Req: 9.8 amps
- Heats water to: 99° – 108° F
- Heating Rate: 0.8°F / Minute

*Not Compatible With At-Home Collection (Geyser EcoShower)

Included in Your Purchase

- Built-In Heater (Heated Model Only)
- Fully Adjustable Control Valve
- Resealable Mylar Scrub Bag
- 1x Yellow Scrub (with Heated Model)
- 1x Green Scrub (with Standard Model)
- Intuitive LED Display
- 5’ Flexible Polyurethane Hose Line
- 16’ SAE 12v DC Power Cord
- Safety Lid Switch (Heated Model Only)

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Upgrade Your Base camp

Enjoy a warm shower after a long day, no matter where you go.

A Hot Shower Ready in 5 Minutes

Get cleaner faster with a convenient and simple setup.

Save Space With A Compact Design

A portable, small system leaves more room to pack gear.

More Water For Less

Use 10x less water than standard shower systems.

Featured In

Say goodbye to baby wipes

With a hot water system that's ready in just 5 minutes.


Plug it in

Connect your system to a 12V power source using the 16ft cord.


Add water

Fill your system with 2L of cold water and 1L of boiling water.


Scrub, rinse & repeat

Dial in your flow rate and start enjoying your shower

The difference is clear

Easy to store and transport

Up to 15 minutes of consistent pressure

Hot & ready in as little as 5 minutes

Uninterrupted showers with water level alerts

Fancy cooler

dry bag w/pump


The results are in. Hear from explorers just like you.


Complete your setup

Take your shower experience to the next level.


4.2+ Million GALLONS

JOIN Thousands of Satisfied Users

The results are in. Hear from people just like you.

My youngest (8 months) likes to hold the sponge while the water comes out; something about watching a baby giggle over a sponge pouring out bubbles and water just brightens your day.

Erica T.

Finally! My hair now stays dry while I shower. This is ingenious!

Mary F.

My daughters love this! What's better is that they don't run through all the hot water in our house before I need to shower. My showers are now hot!

Reilly G.

The smells are amazing and relaxing. An experience I have never had in the shower.

James B.

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Frequently asked questions


Which Geyser System is right for me?

Most of our customers opt for the Standard Geyser. It provides the most bang for your buck and boasts the fastest heat time when paired with a camping stove. A quick mixture of 2 parts cold & 1 part boiling water produces a piping hot shower in less than 5 minutes. Many of our customers love the self-heating function on the Heated Geyser. Simply plug it in and relax until your water automatically heats to a comfy 100°F. After all, it's one less thing to set up at camp. If you already have a camping shower or shower stall built into your rig, check out the Rv Collection.

Can I actually shower with less than a gallon of water?

We think you'll be surprised by how clean you feel. 1 tank of water can actually shower 2 people, or 1 person with long hair. Don't believe us? Check out this testimonial video or some of our REI reviews.

How do I wash long hair with the Geyser?

It only takes .5 gallons to completely clean your hair! Check out this Long Hair Tutorial to learn how.

What kind of soap should I use?

For best results, add liquid or gel soap to your scrub before starting your shower. Bar soap doesn't work well with the EcoShower. We recommend non lathering soaps which don't "over suds" and cause you to waste water with excess rinsing. If you're showering in the great outdoors and don't pack your gray water out, ALWAYS use biodegradable soap like Dr. Bronner's or Campsuds.


What kind of battery do I need to power my Geyser?

Standard Geyser - You can run the Geyser Standard off your car’s 12V port or plug it into a portable power station. Pump mode does not pull too much juice, only 2-3 amps (24-36 watts). You can use a small battery / power station to run pump mode, as long as it includes a 12V port. Heated Geyser - The Heated Geyser requires a bit more juice. You'll need 10amps (120 watts). Depending on the initial temp of your water, you will see a 60 - 100 watt hour draw. The tank may take up to 70 minutes to fully heat if you start with very cold water. This equates to 15-20% of your battery bank with a 500 watt power station like GoalZero or EcoFlow. Alternatively, you can run this off your cars' 12V port as long as you keep your engine running. We recommend a slightly larger battery to run more than 1 or 2 heat cycles. Try a 500 watt power station for 5+ heat cycles.

Can I wire my Geyser onto my battery?

The back of the user’s manual calls out the polarity in case you want to cut the plug off and hardwire this to a 12 V DC source. We love the DIY mindset, however we don't recommend bypassing the 12V plug. The 12V plug includes an internal fuse, if you damage the components of the Geyser by hardwiring it to your rig you'll void the warranty.

Can I run the pump without water?

Yes, you can run the pump dry without any issues.

Can I connect my Geyser to a 110 / 120V AC source?

Absolutely! We offer converters in the accessories page.

Warranty / Return Policy / Discounts

Do you offer a Military / First Responders / Firefighter Discount?

Yes! As a small thank you to everyone who serves our country we offer an exclusive discount. Email to redeem.

What's your 30 day money back guarantee?

Had a less than stellar experience with your order? You can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. (Other retailer’s return policies may vary) We stand by our products and believe a hot shower is the secret recipe for enjoying the great outdoors on multi-day adventures. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your order, you can return it, no questions asked.

What's your warranty?

We cover all our products under a limited lifetime warranty. You heard us right! FOR LIFE! We use only the highest quality materials tested rigorously domestically and abroad. If something goes wrong, it's on us and we'll even cover the shipping. Customer voids warranty if they break components due to improper operation or storage. In these instances we’ll repair products for a small fee. Contact and our helpful team will guide you through the next steps.


How should I clean my Geyser?

Run a diluted solution of alcohol or vinegar through your Geyser to sterilize the internal components and remove any lingering funk. It's best to sanitize your Geyser every 3 months or as needed with consistent use.

How should I store my Geyser?

Off roading with your Geyser in the trunk? Either throw a strap over it or secure it in a hard case to prevent scratches and internal damage. We offer a storage bag on our accessories page. Always store the Geyser in a cool, dry place.

Purging Water for Cold Weather & Long Term Storage

If you're cold weather camping or storing your Geyser for the off season, don't let any leftover water freeze inside. To purge the Geyser run the pump mode for 60 seconds with the hoseline connected and valve fully open. With the pump still running, hold the Geyser upside down with the lid removed to evacuate any remaining water from the Geyser. Wipe out the remaining water droplets with a clean rag for further measure.

Cleaning & Maintaining the Geyser Scrub

The scrubs are built to last, as long as you take care of them! The resealable bag keeps dirt out but doesn’t protect from bacteria growth. Always make sure your scrub fully dries before sealing it in the bag. Don't clean your scrub with boiling water or in the dishwasher. Once your sponge smells worse than you, it's time to retire and replace it. If you're on the road, visit your local REI store for replacements.


Where is your product made?

We assemble our products by hand in Montrose, Colorado.

Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

Of course! Just call ahead and swing by our shop Monday - Thursday between 6am and 5pm.