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Portable Camping Shower
Geyser System

Tired of uncomfortable outdoor showers? Experience the convenience of portable hot water wherever you wander.

Quick Setup: Hot water in less than 5 minutes
Save Resources: 3L of water provides 15 minutes of wash time
Multi-Use Cleaning: Use it with pets, dishes, and gear
+ Heater
Lifetime Limited Warranty
30-Day returns
Technical specs

- Dimensions: 9.5 in x 6.25 in x 17 in | (0.58ft³)
- Weight: 7.9lbs empty, 14.6lbs full
- Volume: 0.8 Gallons / 3 Liters
- Voltage Req: 12v DC
- Pump Current Req: 2.5-3.1 amps
- Washing Time: 01-15 minutes
- Temp Range For Pump Mode: 35° – 112°F

- Heat Current Req: 9.8 amps
- Heats water to: 99° – 108° F
- Heating Rate: 0.8°F / Minute

*Not Compatible With At-Home Collection (Geyser EcoShower)

Included in Your Purchase

- Built-In Heater (Heated Model Only)
- Fully Adjustable Control Valve
- Reusable Mylar Pouch
- 1x Yellow Scrub (with Heated Model)
- 1x Green Scrub (with Standard Model)
- Intuitive LED Display
- 5’ Flexible Polyurethane Hose Line
- 16’ SAE 12v DC Power Cord
- Safety Lid Switch (Heated Model Only)

Shipping Details

- Free Shipping for purchases over $150.

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“Cleverest idea i’ve seen in a while”
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Say goodbye to baby wipes
With a hot water system that's ready in just 5 minutes.
Plug it in

Connect your system to a 12V power source using the 16ft cord.

Add water

Fill your system with 2L of cold water and 1L of boiling water.

Scrub, rinse & repeat

Attach the hose and sponge to your system and start scrubbing.

Easy to store and transport
Up to 15 minutes of consistent pressure
Hot & ready in as little as 5 minutes
Uninterrupted showers with water level alerts
Heavy cooler
dry bag w/pump
Available at
4.2+ Million GALLONS
Frequently asked questions
Can I actually shower with less than a gallon of water?

We think you'll be surprised how clean you feel. 1 tank of water can actually shower 2 people, or 1 person with long hair. Don't believe us? Check out this testimonial video or some of our REI reviews.

Which Geyser System is right for you?

Most of our customers opt for the Standard Geyser. It provides the most bang for your buck and boasts the quickest way to a hot shower. If you already own a camping stove or don't have oogles of onboard power, go with the standard system. A quick mixture of 2 parts cold & 1 part boiling water produces a piping hot shower in less than 5 minutes. This is especially important when camping with groups of people. While one person is showering, another liter of water is boiling in the background and is ready to mix for the next person.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to the EcoShower vs the Geyser System?

The EcoShower is designed for those who already have a shower system and only seek our scrub. If your rig has a heater that stores hot water in a tank, then the EcoShower will provide the same water savings as the Geyser System. If your rig has a tankless (propane) water heater, then the EcoShower will require you use the minimum flow rate required for your heater to ignite and begin heating your water. From our experience, this includes .3 to .5 gallons per minute. While that's significantly better than the 1-2 gallons per minute required for the shower head, it's nowhere close to the .15 - 1 gpm range that the Geyser System provides.

If you are starting from square one, then the Geyser System ends up being the most budget friendly option that's most compact & convenient. We know the EcoShower may appear like the most budget-friendly option. However, you'll have to include other parts that quickly hike up the cost: propane water heater, pump, extra hoseline, water tank, fittings, etc. From our experience, the total price hovers around $395 plus time to install. That doesn't come close to the $280 cost of the Geyser System + no installation time.

Last but not least, the EcoShower and Geyser System scrubs are designed differently. The EcoShower scrubs last around 14-20 uses, 30% larger, do not include a rough side, includes an aromatherapy pocket for essential oils, and are cheaper to replace (5 for $15.99). The Geyser System scrub last around 90 uses, includes an exfoliating/rough side for tough grime, do not include aromatherapy pockets, and are more expensive to replace ($8.99 each)

How should I store my Geyser?

Off roading with your Geyser in the trunk? Either throw a strap over it or secure it in a hard case to prevent scratches and internal damage. The Overland Gear Guys have made a special bag designed for your Geyser and scrubs. https://overlandgearguy.com/collections/bags-pouches/products/geyser-systems-shower-carry-bag

What's your 30 day money back guarantee?

Had a less than stellar experience with your Geyser? You can return it within 30 days of purchase. We stand by our products and believe a hot shower is the secret recipe for enjoying the great outdoors on multi day expeditions. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your Geyser you can return it no questions asked.

What's your Warranty?

We cover the Geyser under a limited lifetime warranty. You heard us right! FOR LIFE! We use only the highest quality materials which have been rigorously tested domestically and abroad. If something goes wrong, it's on us and we'll even cover the shipping.Having said all this, if you are excessively rough, purchase a used Geyser (ie: an REI garage sale), or take the Geyser System apart, then the warranty is void. We can repair your Geyser for a reasonable cost. Contact support@geysersystems.com for our repair services.