My daughters love this! What's better is that they don't run through all the hot water in our house before I need to shower. My showers are now hot!

Reilly G.
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EcoShower Collection - Half Kit
Your Shower Wand, Loofah, & Essential Oil In One
Save water, time, & money
Exfoliate with gentle sponges and aromatherapy oils
Install with ease in just a few minutes
Lifetime Limited Warranty
30-Day returns
Technical specs
  • This version of the EcoShower includes everything you need, whether or not you already have a shower wand.
  • All-in-one clean in the palm of your hand. Save up to 15 gallons per shower with the EcoShower, the environmentally-friendly way to shower that works like your shower wand, loofah + washcloth in one!
  • Ultra Low Flow - 0.2 to 1.3 GPM

*Not compatible with our outdoor gear products like the Geyser System

Included in Your Purchase
  • 3x EcoSponges  
  • 1x Blue
  • 1x Green
  • 1x Orange
  • 1x Flow Control Valve
  • 1x Diverter Valve
  • 1x Hose Line
  • 1x 2mL Bottle of Geyser Signature Energizing Herbal Essential Oil Aroma blend
  • 1x Pack of 18 Mini Soaps - Eucalyptus
  • 1x 3mL Pipette
  • 1x Sponge Anchor
  • 1x Wall Hanger
  • 1x Save Lake Mead Sticker

Check out this video to see what’s included.

Shipping Details

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Recommended With These Essential Oil Brands
Install In 5 Minutes
Bring the Geyser experience home with you.
Remove your shower head

Use your hand or a wrench to unscrew your current shower head.

Fasten the washer

Using the rubber washer included in your kit, attach it to your existing shower arm.

Attach your Geyser

Screw on and attach your shower head with ease.

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If you like having access to a shower in the wild (or wherever) and being able to wash your long hair, I definitely recommend Geyser. 10 out of 10!


This product is a must-have for camp. Great for those cleanups on a hot night before getting in bed. Keep those sleeping bags clean! Great product!


I have the portable shower without the heater. I love it! I was able to take a hot shower in the woods with only 3 liters of water! I love having the ability to get clean when facilities are not available.


I've actually felt clean without having to figure out a way to carry 5 gallons to shower. This shower will change the way you camp, attend festivals, hunt, or live where you might lose power - you can still be clean with warm water.


I've had the Geyser System now for about 5 months and have had the opportunity to use it several times. The Geyser system is a great solution for getting clean in the backcountry without needing an endless supply of water.


Easy to use, simple design, and very handy around camp. Big fan of using this for dishes! No longer need a wash bin or annoying amount of water.


I bought this for use in my camper van. It's the bomb. I can give myself a total shower in minutes using very little water. I have wondered for years how to effectively shower in such a small space. Geyser Systems solved the missing link. Highly recommend!!!


This has been a great addition to our gear! We tried a foot pump system, and it was too bulky, slow to heat, and the pressure was meh. The Geyser system works beautifully, does not take a lot of water, and is simple to set up.


Simple to use. We just tried ours for the first time. Everyone needs this. After a hot, sticky, sunscreen-y day outdoors, be sure to enjoy a quick, sudsy shower before bed. Refreshing, relaxing, and heavenly. Clean feet...Yes, Please!

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