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My daughters love this! What's better is that they don't run through all the hot water in our house before I need to shower. My showers are now hot!
Reilly G.
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EcoShower Collection - Half Kit

Geyser EcoShower | Replaces Shower Wand | Half Kit

Geyser EcoShower | Replaces Shower Wand | Half Kit

  • Save water, time, & money
  • Exfoliate with gentle sponges and aromatherapy oils
  • Setup with ease in just a few minutes
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My daughters love this! What's better is that they don't run through all the hot water in our house before I need to shower. My showers are now hot!
Reilly G.


-This version of the EcoShower is intended to replace your existing shower wand. Simply unscrew your shower wand and replace it with the Half Kit.

-All-in-one clean in the palm of your hand. Save up to 15 gallons per shower with the EcoShower, the environmentally-friendly way to shower that works like your shower wand, loofah + washcloth in one!

- Compatible with any 1/2" threaded connection

- Ultra Low Flow - 0.2 to 1.3 GPM

*Not compatible with our outdoor gear products like the Geyser System**

Included in Your Purchase

3x EcoSponges (Yellow, Orange, Gray)
- 1x Flow Reducer Valve
- 1x 20" Hoseline
- 1x Anchor That Secures Hoseline Into Sponge
- 1x O-Ring
- 1x Wall Hanger
- 1x 1oz Bottle of Signature Energizing Herbal Essential Oil Blend
- 1x 3ml Pipette

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Used With These Essential Oil Brands


Ditch the costly water bills and save up to 15 GAL of water per shower. This simple all-in-one solution only take minutes to install.

Easiest & Least Expensive Way to Infuse Essential Oil

Add any essential oil blend to feel deeply relaxed or powerfully energized, in less time. Our infusion transforms your water into a world-class spa. You and your family will feel and smell great!

Say Goodbye To Wet Hair & Running Out Of Hot Water

Protect your hair on non wash days, shower in less time, and come out feeling deeply relaxed.

Install It with Ease

Replace your current fixture with the EcoShower. No tools required!

Install In 5 Minutes

Bring the Geyser experience home with you


Unscrew Your Existing Shower Wand

Remove the head of your wand.


Screw On Your Half Kit

Using the materials provided, screw your half kit onto your shower hose.


Adjust The Valve

Dial in the perfect flow rate with the included valve.


The results are in. Hear from people just like you.

My youngest (8 months) likes to hold the sponge while the water comes out; something about watching a baby giggle over a sponge pouring out bubbles and water just brightens your day.

Erica T.

Finally! My hair now stays dry while I shower. This is ingenious!

Mary F.

My daughters love this! What's better is that they don't run through all the hot water in our house before I need to shower. My showers are now hot!

Reilly G.

The smells are amazing and relaxing. An experience I have never had in the shower.

James B.

Create a scent you love

Essential Oil Safety

Intro To Essential Oils

Make Your Own Essential Oil Blend


Learn how to get the most out of your essential oils.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use my own body wash or product?

Of course! The EcoSponge is like your super-loofah and accepts any body product.

What's the difference between the full kit and the half kit?

The half kit is for people who already have a shower head, shower wand, and valve that diverts the water from their shower head to their shower wand. The half kit includes a replacement attachment for the shower wand. The full kit is for people who only have a shower head mounted on a wall. The full kit includes a diverter valve and extra hose line to send water from the showerhead to the sponge. The diverter valve also lets you disperse water from both your shower head and the EcoSponge.

What are essential oils?

Great question...we recommend watching the safety video to find out what essential oils are or are not.

How can I use essential oils?

It takes less than 30 seconds! The half or full kit come with a 3ml pipette dropper. Simply draw 1 - 3 ml of essential oil blends with the pipette, insert the pipette tip into the EcoSponge, and inject the essential oil into the EcoSponge. Be sure to watch our safety video before using essential oils in your EcoSponge.

What's the water flow of the EcoShower and how does it compare to the standard shower head?

The water savings are 10X! Most shower heads use between 2-3 gallons per minute. With the Geyser EcoShower, you'll use between .2 - 1.2 gallons per minute.

How long do the sponges last, and what are they made of?

Sponges are made to last for 3 - 4 weeks of daily use. They are biodegradable.

What's your 30-day money-back guarantee?

Had a less than stellar experience with your EcoShower? You can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. (Other retailer’s return policies may vary) We stand by our products and believe a hot shower is the secret recipe for enjoying the great outdoors on multi-day adventures. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your EcoShower you can return it, no questions asked.

What's your warranty?

We cover the EcoShower under a limited lifetime warranty. You heard us right! FOR LIFE! We use only the highest quality materials tested rigorously domestically and abroad. If something goes wrong, it's on us and we'll even cover the shipping. Customer voids warranty if they break components due to improper operation or storage. In these instances we’ll repair the EcoShower for a small fee. Contact and our helpful team will guide you through the next steps.